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Upon submission of your application one of our customer service team will be in touch to confirm the application and verify that all of the details submitted are correct and valid.

During your application you may be asked to provide Proof Of ID and Proof Of Address, this is a 3rd party check in line with KYC and AML obligations. Should this check be needed we will inform you and advise you on how to submit those documents.

IMPORTANT: We pay the usual £15 + £15 Admin fee for you, we are only able to do this due to our relationship with our banking partners. Once your formation has been approved we will issue you out instructions to open the bank account, all you need to do is make an initial deposit in the account.

If your banking application is unsuccessful we will place you with one of our secondary banking partners, we will let you know in advance of this and advise which bank we will be placing you with.

Free Company Setup Ltd offers additional services such as credit cards, lending facilities, funding facilities, should you wish to apply for one of the additional services we offer, we will (unless instructed otherwise by our partners) apply for the service, this is including but not limited to: Filling out application forms, negotiating prices, conducting KYC/AML checks & more. All applications will be submitted with prior agreement from yourself and we do not enter/accept into any contracts on your behalf.

Only a director, or persons with permission of a director, can submit this application. By clicking ‘I agree to apply for a Cashplus Business Bank Account’ you agree to the above Terms and Conditions. As part of the application, APS will need to verify your identity which will involve APS checking your personal details against third party databases.

By submitting this application you confirm you agree with our terms and conditions.
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At Free Company Setup we offer a range of additonal services, please choose any of the options below and one of our team will reach out once your formations been completed to discuss.